About Us

Australia the Liyuan clothing factory production, exports to European and American fashion women's sweater,For overseas ladies sweater brand OEM production,Europe, South Korea, Russia, the Middle East customers as well as domestic businesses to provide OEM / ODM sweater services,Clothing wholesalers, clothing brands and clothing enterprises clothing design, playing board, grading, nesting, the process single production, Prototyping, bulk garment processing, and other services.

Australia Liyuan clothing manufacturing plant is located in the hub and trading center of Chinese wool textile products, Chinese sweater town, Dalang Town,Main design, production and sale of all kinds of woolen fashion. ,Through continuous efforts and innovation, Novel style, superb technology, stable quality, the quality of services by the majority of consumers,Products to cities and towns throughout the country,In peer markets higher visibility and reputation. ,Affordable,Integrity and pragmatic "We adhere to the purpose of business,Annual self-developed sweater over 2000 products,To provide customers with a wealth of product design and personal and thoughtful service. ,Cooperation and exchange.

High starting point, high standard of product positioning,The first company to introduce a world-class level of production equipment,To ensure the good quality of the wool; we invite well-known fashion designers joining line,Has introduced the style of fashion,Is committed to meeting the needs of all levels of consumers; addition,The company has also cultivated a large number of staff, Advocacy "work hard, positive spirit of enterprise,To playing YONGDELI the producers of a large-scale woolen products.

Australia the Liyuan clothing factory by virtue of its quality management system and excellent quality,Reasonable product structure,To make products from the design, production and sales integration. ,Strive to "let the service further,To meet the needs of each customer.